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The Zachary Community School Board has demonstrated a continuing commitment to technology in the learning environment through the purchase, maintenance and training of staff on leading-edge technology resources. Below you will find program specifications of our technology-rich facilities and detailed information about the educational applications of these hardware and software purchases. For more information, please contact the technology department.

Protecting Student Privacy

The Louisiana legislature recently passed legislation, Act 837, which provides for limitations and prohibitions on the collection and sharing of student information. Additionally, the legislature passed Act 677, which requires that Louisiana Department of Education and local school districts publish information on their websites about the sharing of students’ personally identifiable information.

Zachary Community School District Personally Identifiable Information


Email instructions for mobile devices
Tech Reminders
Digital Citizenship Information

Program Specifications

Multimedia Specifications
Our cutting-edge multimedia classrooms are equipped with ceiling mounted digital projectors and Hitachi StarBoard® T-17SXL EM Panels. These multimedia teaching devices are compact, ergonomic and pen-driven with a 17-inch LCD display. Think overhead projector meets the Jetsons. Teachers drive presentation and classroom lectures from the device with the ability to write, draw, and control any of the applications on the teacher station computer, all without leaving the front of the class. This allows the students to easily view the information on the 10 foot retractable screens.

Parent Command Center
Parent Command Center allows parents to have instant access to important student information including Attendance, Conduct, Discipline, Grades and Progress on Assignments.The program, accessible through a web interface, works with the District’s Gradebook software and requires no additional work for teachers while providing a valuable resource for parents.

Moodle Course Management System
The Zachary Community School District uses MOODLE online course management system to prepare our students for the online learning environment they will experience at major universities including Louisiana State University. The course management system allows for course discussion boards and online assignment submission.


Jeffery Hand, Supervisor of Secondary Programs & Technology
Aimee Bellue, Webmaster & Media Specialist

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